the perfect cripsy baked tofu recipe you've been waiting for

Tofu can be a polarizing food. While some people can’t get enough, the majority of people I talk to find the texture off-putting or are intimidated by the preparation. Although I wanted to like it for a long time, I found I never really loved it unless the texture was nice and crispy. This was something I found hard to achieve at home and without frying. Turns out the secret is removing as much moisture from the tofu as possible before baking. Although this takes a little extra time (at least a half hour to be precise), it’s well worth the wait and you can prep other items while you wait. The crispiness achieved by the end makes the texture a lot more appealing and also helps the tofu to hold on to the sauce better.


1 block of tofu

Oil to spray the pan


Large knife

Cutting board

2 kitchen towels

Heavy object (such as a cast iron skillet)


1. Cut tofu in half length-wise so that you have to equally shaped rectangles.


2. Lay one of your towels on the cutting board. Fold in half. Place both blocks of tofu on the towel.


3. Cover with the other towel (fold in half also if you can get it to fit). Place heavy object on the tofu, making sure all surface area if covered. Press down, then let sit for at least 20 minutes.


4. Remove the heavy object and relocate the tofu to dry parts of the towel. Give it one last press to get any remaining moisture out.

5. Cut tofu into cubes about 1x1 inch.


6. Spray pan with oil and place tofu on the pan, making sure not to over-crowd it.


7. Bake at 400F for 20-25 minutes, flipping tofu halfway through.


8. Toss with whatever sauce you like! Goes great with Asian sauces such as teriyaki and peanut sauce, but feel free to get creative.